Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI) is a research centre affiliated to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The mission of the institute is to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian industry and the welfare of the society through technological development and technology transfer. CMRDI offers services to industry covering research projects, consultancy, technical services, training, testing and certification.

Over almost four decades of collaboration with Egyptian industry, these services have been focused on the actual demands of the client and application in the company, giving the institute a profile of needs pull rather than technology push.
CMRDI has a longstanding and successful collaboration with many national and overseas R&D institutions, which guarantees a sound scientific basis. CMRDI has also largely benefited from cooperation with international agencies such as JICA (Japan), TNO (Netherlands) and SIDA (Sweden). Thanks to this support, CMRDI was able to ploy on effective role in transferring many technologies to the Egyptian industries as well as other African and Middle- East countries.