With today’s rapid economic reforms taking place in Egypt, the need to change how MSMEs think, operate, and manage resources to chiefly reduce cost and drive up their market share is emerging quickly. A major expense in many businesses lies in the cost of resources, including energy and water.

RIndustry believes in achieving this target through 2 main work areas:

  • Awareness Raising

RIndustry work aims at increasing the awareness for energy savings, energy and production efficiencies to MSME working in manufacturing in general, and in agro-food, including farms and food processing factories, and in resource-intensive industries (i.e. foundries) in particular

  • Training and Follow up

RIndustry provides training and certification to individuals as well organizations in renewable energy, energy management, energy efficiency, and lean manufacturing. The training outcomes will be reflected at the resource cost for the model MSMEs and start-ups to be assessed, resource-enhanced, and monitored through the life of the project and beyond.