Energy and Renewable Energy Economics in Egypt

Energy and Renewable Energy Economics in Egypt

The workshop session is meant to address the Road map for implementing Renewable Energy (RE) Project and how can one determine whether an idea has the potential to make a significant contribution to the profitable growth and sustainable success of the organization.

Dr. Hala Ramadan

Dr. Hala Ramadan has more than twenty-nine years of experience in management, business development, accountant, economist, financial inspector in construction companies, tourism companies, and renewable projects. Now, she the director of studies department in New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA). Dr. Hala Worked as a coordinator for projects funded by the EU and the AFD to restructure the electricity and renewable energy sector and employee’s capacity building. Furthermore, she worked as a project coordinator for preparing a study for “EV strategy using in Egypt” and as a coordinator for lighting in remote villages projects funded by UAE. She has experience in managing projects funded by international grants to establish renewable energy projects and raise the capacity building of NREA’s. She has also worked in promoting Renewable energy projects by collecting and analyzing investment data and presenting it to the investors. Moreover, Dr. Hala has experience in teaching Pricing RE Services, RE project Economic Evaluation, RE Project life cycle, RE Policies and Strategies, and RE Environmental for different countries.


Ph.D. in Environmental Economics Management, Ain Shames University, Egypt, 2018.
Thesis Title: A Proposed Model to Manage Renewable Energy in View of Climate Changes.

M.Sc. in Business Management, Banha University, Egypt, 2015.
Thesis Title: Marketing Strategies for Renewable Energy Services.

High Diploma in Investment & Finance, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 2006.

B.Sc. in Commerce, Ain Shames University, Egypt, 1992.

Energy and Renewable Energy Economics in Egypt:

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