Innovating Energy Solutions

Many young entrepreneurs in the resource and energy management sector have the knowledge to develop new products and solutions to most of the sector challenges but lack the skills, funds and access to manufacturing facilities to turn their ideas into commercial reality. Despite several public and private attempts to promote entrepreneurship in Egypt as a solution for high unemployment rates, the unemployment rate is still high at 8.9% out of Egypt’s 31 million workforces in 2019. The proposed action will build the capacities of promising entrepreneurs who have the ability and enthusiasm to start, manage and grow their businesses in resource and energy management in general, offering equal opportunities for women, and religious and age minorities. RIndustry will support entrepreneurship in efficient resource utilization. Potential startups, which serve the objectives of project RIndustry for affordable resources for Egypt’s industrial growth, are incubated within an ecosystem, which provides physical and financial resources for their success and growth.