ISIS is one of the pioneer companies in Agrofood industry in Egypt providing a chain of wholesome and delicious food that is certified as free of any artificial additives or preservatives and customer friendly product. Nevertheless, ISIS intentionally following the principles of transparency and customer on the top, whereby ISIS is striving for honesty and fair products, throughout the entire value chain and supply chain. All prices were set according to the Fair-trade values and assuring a fair distribution of the value generation to suppliers and partners. Having said that, ISIS is fostering and deepening the long-term relations with suppliers and partners, guaranteeing the highest quality and the least resource distortion.

ISIS is a sustainable business serving the food production sector, mingling research with customer demand orientations. ISIS management assure meeting the customer satisfaction, along with supporting the external environmental calls. ISIS is a part of SEKEM community calling for fair community for all by providing fair products for healthy lifestyle and covering the green mass demand.