Water Desalination Technology

Water Desalination Technology

The aim of the workshop is to introduce the main aspects of desalination technologies. The workshop included different desalination technologies, such as: reverse osmosis (RO), performances, and their associated limitations in meeting water scarcity challenges.

Assistant Researcher Reham Bosela

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Mrs. Reham Bosela obtained the degree of Bachelor of Chemistry from Cairo University in 2007.  Right after her graduation, she joined the Desert Research Center (DRC). During her career life, Mr. Reham occupied several positions in DRC. She worked as Chemist at Hydrogeochemistry Department for almost two years. After that, she worked as Chemist at the Central Laboratories for three years. In 2013 -present , Mrs. Reham worked as an assistant researcher in the Egyptian Desalination Research Center. Four years later, she was able to get her M.Sc. degree from Banha University in 2017. From 2013 to 2016, She was a member in the research team of small scale high efficient energy saving membrane technique and equipment for desalination of brine in desert. Furthermore, in 2020, she became a member in the research team of integrated low quality water resources management for irrigation, smart agriculture of new reclamation lands, and the research team of Capacity Building for Water Desalination Center of Excellence.


M.Sc. in Chemistry, Banha University, Egypt, 2017.
Thesis Title: Groundwater chemistry and possibility for desalination using thin film composite membrane.

B.Sc. in Chemistry, Cairo University, Egypt, May, 2007.

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