Wind Technology

Wind Technology

The workshop aims to provide a strong background about the essential information that any engineer need to know about wind energy. The workshop is seeking to increase the awareness of the importance of using wind energy to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and to control the global warming problem. Moreover, it gives a clear view about the potential and challenges of wind energy and a vision of the future.

Associate Professor Taher Halawa

Dr. Taher Halawa obtained the degree of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the faculty of Engineering, Cairo University with an Excellent with Honors order of merit in 2005. Right after that, he joined the teaching assistant staff at Cairo University. In 2008, he got his M.Sc. degree from Cairo University. Four years later, he was able to get his first PhD degree from Cairo University in 2012. Dr. Taher Halawa participated in a scientific mission at the University of British Columbia in Canada for three years [from 2012 to 2015]. During the scientific mission, he was able to publish many important scientific papers in the field of turbomachines. By working in parallel to the scientific mission, Dr. Taher Halawa got his second PhD degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada in 2016. He was a Lecturer at the international REMENA program (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region – Kassel University and Cairo University Master program (from 2016 to 2018). He awarded a Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Scholarship for the Renewable Energy and Engineering program at Texas A&M University, USA (July to September 2016). He was appointed to be the manager of the Quality Assurance unit at the Mechanical Engineering department, Cairo University in 2017. He was promoted to the degree of Associate Professor in May 2018. He also joined BUE as a part time staff in the time period [September 2016 – September 2018] before participating as a full time staff member at BUE starting from the academic year 2018-2019 as a secondment from Cairo University. Dr. Taher Halawa has a good experience in teaching of various mechanical engineering courses in the fields of fluid, heat transfer and combustion besides having a practical experience in HVAC and Turbomachines fields.


Ph.D. in Mechanical Power Engineering –University of British Columbia, Canada, November 2016.
Thesis Title: Numerical Investigation of Rotating Stall in Centrifugal Compressors.

Ph.D. in Mechanical Power Engineering -Fluid Division, Cairo University, Egypt, February 2012.
Thesis Title: Experimental and CFD Study to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Electronic Industries Clean Rooms.

M.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering -Fluid Division, Cairo University, Egypt Passed the prerequisite courses, ranked the first, February 2008.
Thesis Title: CFD Investigation of HVAC System Design for Office Spaces.

B.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, May 2005.

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